To create space that gives people the greatest opportunities to “lean in” to relationships around the basic premise that good drinks and good conversation are the best path to community.

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Chicago Food Magazine | An Interview with the Founder of Birch Road Cellar

Nov 2, 2021 – CFM/Emily Larsen. Birch Road Cellar is a women-owned, BYOB, members only neighborhood clubhouse with locations in Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park and Seattle where wine, work, and community intersect. Founders Kim Bosse and Sharon Provins had a goal of creating a space built on an appreciation for the little things that make life great; conversation, good people, great food, and exciting drinks …. read more

Seattle Met | Private Club Inviting Seattleites to Come In, Stay Awhile

Oct 19, 2021 – Seattle Met Magazine. When childhood friends Sharon Provins and Kim Bosse founded Birch Road (a nod to the street they grew up on), they were simply craving a place where they could open a bottle of wine and talk all night. Somewhere that was “out”, but felt like a great night in. They decided to create their very own neighborhood clubhouse, and it turns out, other people were interested too …read more

WGNTV.com | Woman-Owned BYOB neighborhood clubhouse with all-inclusive, come as you are vibe

Oct 26, 2021 – Chicago Scene/Tom Barnas. “…It’s 100% BYOB, there are no bartenders, there are no servers, our members think of this space as an extension of your living room,” Bosse said. “The club is always set and ready with everything you need. Pick up some takeout, we’ve got serving platters, plate ware, glassware, napkins. And when you’re done put it in the bus tub and go on with your night…” read more

Fortune.com | Birch Road Cellar rethinks the private club

Nov 9, 2019 – Fortune/Naomi Tomky. Accessibility is hardly the word that most often comes to mind when discussing private clubs, but Sharon Provins and Kim Bosse, founders of the five-year-old Birch Road Cellar, aren’t shying away from it as a goal.

Tossing out the old models that excluded members on the base of class, race, religion, or gender, and rejecting the idea that there needs to be a shared professional goal, the two women started the company to serve a personal need they had identified: a better place to drink…. read more

Whisky Advocate | Take your whiskey club out on the town

March 24, 2020 – For clubs that wish for maximum free rein, establishments like Birch Road Cellar—a BYOB members-only club with locations in Chicago and Seattle—may be a great option. read more

GeekWire | Inside Birch Road Cellar, a new Seattle club where you bring your own booze and scan a finger to enter

May 19, 2019 – The location is the third for Birch Road Cellar and first outside of Chicago. The bring-your-own-booze club is intended to give people a new option for gathering with friends that gets them out of the house but away from traditional bar settings — “your best night out that feels like the perfect night in,” reads a tagline on the club’s website. read more

WGN CHICAGO NEWS | Picking your perfect wine

May 25, 2021 – “For National Wine Day, Kim Bosse, Chief Conversation Officer and Co-Founder of Birch Road Cellar sat down with WGN News Now to talk about wines, pairings, and knowing how to pick the perfect wine.” read more

Crain’s Chicago | A private social club, minus the big fees

Jun 25, 2014 – A nondescript door buzzer on an Armitage Avenue office in Lincoln Park holds the name of a new private social club: Birch Road Cellar. Members bring the booze, which they can store in a private oak locker in the temperature-controlled … read more

King5 Evening News | Step inside Seattle’s first BYOB private club

June 18, 2019 – “Most traditional private clubs have been rooted in tradition around status or what you do for a living. We’re a little bit different in that we have no dress code, we like our members to come as they are,” said Sharon Provins, co-founder of Birch Road Cellar. “Our members truly feel like it’s an extension of their home and a place where they can be themselves.” read more

CS Modern Luxury | Clandestine Cocktailing

Mar 6, 2017 – Birch Road Cellar…These stylish (and semi-secret) watering holes all require a keen sense of geography, a taste for adventure and, sometimes, an insider’s invite… read more

Seattle Magazine | Seattle’s First BYOB Members Club Opens on First Hill

December, 2019 – In a First Hill carriage house, built in 1901 and once part of the Stimson-Green Mansion, discerning Seattleites can now scan their fingerprints for entrée into a new private social club and bottle cellar, Birch Road Cellar. read more

Chicagoist | Inside Lincoln Park’s Secret, Private Wine Club

Apr 27, 2016 – When you hear the words “Private Wine Club,” they conjure up images of stodgy old white guys sitting on high back leather chairs in wood paneled rooms attended to by tuxedoed butlers wearing white gloves. That anachronism is about as far as you can get from the reality of Birch Road Cellar, the nearly … read more

Seattle Refined | Cheers! Raise a Glass to Seattle’s First BYOB Club

July 13, 2020 – Remember the days you used to be able to sit in a bar or restaurant and linger for hours and hours over your favorite drink? Those times may be on pause for now, but there is an awesome alternative read more


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