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DNA Info | Members-Only Lincoln Park Social Club Scans Fingerprints at Door

Feb 4, 2015 – DNAinfo/Mark Konkol. If you want to get into Birch Road Cellars, a secret social club in Lincoln Park, you need a member’s fingerprint.  Chicago’s thick with exclusive social scenes — from the swank business crowd at the Union League Club in the Loop to the … read more

Chicagoist | Inside Lincoln Park’s Secret, Private Wine Club

Apr 27, 2016 – When you hear the words “Private Wine Club,” they conjure up images of stodgy old white guys sitting on high back leather chairs in wood paneled rooms attended to by tuxedoed butlers wearing white gloves. That anachronism is about as far as you can get from the reality of Birch Road Cellar, the nearly … read more

Edible Magazine | Table Talk: The New Speakeasy

Edible Magazine Winter Issue – Rolling up to the Lincoln Park condo, I ring the buzzer labeled “Birch Road Cellar” and wait for entry. It feels like one of those scenes from a movie when someone knocks on the nondescript door to a hidden bar or club and the gatekeeper slides open a narrow window asking for the secret password. Very speakeasy.  The buzzer goes off and the door unlocks…read more

DNA Info | Secret Members-Only Birch Road Cellar Opens 2nd Chicago Hangout

Feb 10, 2017 – Birch Road Cellar is a members-only, bring-your-own-bottle spot where people can simply hang out with friends and fellow members. The club has been operating in Lincoln Park for three years and recently opened a new — and secret — location in Roscoe Village. “Our belief is people are just looking for … read more

CS Modern Luxury | Clandestine Cocktailing

Mar 6, 2017 – Birch Road Cellar…These stylish (and semi-secret) watering holes all require a keen sense of geography, a taste for adventure and, sometimes, an insider’s invite… read more

5 Reasons to check out Birch Road Cellar, a social club in Chicago

Oct 17, 2014 – People often ask me how I found out about Birch Road Cellar, a social club in Lincoln Park, which is having an Open House this Saturday evening for anyone interested in checking it out and learning about membership. “The wife of a friend of the husband of a friend of mine” is the short answer … read more

Birch Road Cellar: Secret Entertaining Space in Chicago

Chicago continues to amaze when it exposes cool new spots to enjoy the good life. Lovers of nice drinks and good conversation will rejoice at the addition of Birch Road Cellar to the neighborhood. Tucked away in a secret location in Lincoln Park, Birch Road Cellar is a haven for in-the-know Chicagoans to open a great … read more

Join Chicago’s Newest Private Social Club, Birch Road Cellar, Without The Members Only Pricing

Birch Road Cellar, nestled in an obscure, nondescript location in Lincoln Park, offers an alternative venue for an entertaining night on the town … read more

Crain’s Chicago | A private social club, minus the big fees

Jun 25, 2014 – A nondescript door buzzer on an Armitage Avenue office in Lincoln Park holds the name of a new private social club: Birch Road Cellar. Members bring the booze, which they can store in a private oak locker in the temperature-controlled … read more