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Seattle Refined | Cheers! Raise a Glass to Seattle’s First BYOB Club

July 13, 2020 – Remember the days you used to be able to sit in a bar or restaurant and linger for hours and hours over your favorite drink? Those times may be on pause for now, but there is an awesome alternative read more

GeekWire | Birch Road Cellar rethinks the private club

November 9, 2019 – Accessibility is hardly the word that most often comes to mind when discussing private clubs, but Sharon Provins and Kim Bosse, founders of the five-year-old Birch Road Cellar, aren’t shying away from it as a goal.

Tossing out the old models that excluded members on the base of class, race, religion, or gender, and rejecting the idea that there needs to be a shared professional goal, the two women started the company to serve a personal need they had identified: a better place to drink… read more


Historic Seattle | Stimson-Green Carriage House Lives on as Birch Road Cellar

June 11, 2020 – …the Chicago-based Birch Road Cellar leased the carriage house with a vision to build community through providing space for members to entertain guests outside of their homes, securely store spirits and wine in a climate-controlled cellar in a self-service environment… read more


King5 Evening News | Step inside Seattle’s first BYOB private club

June 18, 2019 – “Most traditional private clubs have been rooted in tradition around status or what you do for a living. We’re a little bit different in that we have no dress code, we like our members to come as they are,” said Sharon Provins, co-founder of Birch Road Cellar. “Our members truly feel like it’s an extension of their home and a place where they can be themselves.” read more


GeekWire | Inside Birch Road Cellar, a new Seattle club where you bring your own booze and scan a finger to enter

May 19, 2019 – The location is the third for Birch Road Cellar and first outside of Chicago. The bring-your-own-booze club is intended to give people a new option for gathering with friends that gets them out of the house but away from traditional bar settings — “your best night out that feels like the perfect night in,” reads a tagline on the club’s website. read more


Seattle Magazine | Seattle’s First BYOB Members Club Opens on First Hill

December, 2019 – In a First Hill carriage house, built in 1901 and once part of the Stimson-Green Mansion, discerning Seattleites can now scan their fingerprints for entrée into a new private social club and bottle cellar, Birch Road Cellar. read more

Capitol Hill Blog

Capitol Hill Blog | You’ll need to scan your fingerprints to get into Birch Road Cellar, a new ‘BYOB members club’ in historic First Hill landmark

May 9, 2019 – More than a hundred years ago, it housed the horse-drawn carriages of the Stimson family. Until the mid-1970s, it harbored the famous car collection of Seattle businessman Joshua Green. And starting Friday, the historic First Hill Stimson-Green carriage house will be home to the new “BYOB members club” Birch Road Cellar … read more

Edible Magazine | Table Talk: The New Speakeasy

Edible Magazine Winter Issue – Rolling up to the Lincoln Park condo, I ring the buzzer labeled “Birch Road Cellar” and wait for entry. It feels like one of those scenes from a movie when someone knocks on the nondescript door to a hidden bar or club and the gatekeeper slides open a narrow window asking for the secret password. Very speakeasy.  The buzzer goes off and the door unlocks…read more

CS Modern Luxury | Clandestine Cocktailing

Mar 6, 2017 – Birch Road Cellar…These stylish (and semi-secret) watering holes all require a keen sense of geography, a taste for adventure and, sometimes, an insider’s invite… read more

5 Reasons to check out Birch Road Cellar, a social club in Chicago

Oct 17, 2014 – People often ask me how I found out about Birch Road Cellar, a social club in Lincoln Park, which is having an Open House this Saturday evening for anyone interested in checking it out and learning about membership. “The wife of a friend of the husband of a friend of mine” is the short answer … read more